Sunday, February 28, 2010

party pix

Our Level 2 class threw mom three going away parties...

Mom, Ines, and Ken-ichi

Class clowns Blanca and Daniel

Kenny behind the exhaust pipe over the BBQ grill on our table.

Korean food is so tasty!

Potluck where everyone brought desserts and booze. Oh No!

But Kenny saved the day with an impromptu guacamole.

Two for the price of One.

One last Korean meal.

Real Turkey

The Spanish word for Peacock is Pavo Real. (We know pavo means turkey from ordering sandwiches.)

Hairless Dogs

Guess which hairless dog is made of bronze.

Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo, a few hours drive west of Mexico City, is where Monarch butterflies congregate in the winter before migrating back to Canada. They settle on the same set of trees year after year, so the local Christmas tree farmers have made a nice tourism business out of it. We rode horses for a couple of hours to the top of the mountain ridge until...

Home Tree. It was an interesting mixture of flapping sounds and silence.

New Style!

This clump just fell out of the tree -they were surprisingly clumsy.

Kenny had a special connection with these mariposas.

Down the mountain and into the sunset.

We couldn't walk straight for a few days after, but it was worth the pain.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Girl

Mexico won't soon forget the presence of Hillary "Hilaria" Becton. She arrived at the beginning of February and canon-balled into my Level 2 Spanish class. On weekends or when we decided to skip school, Hilaria, Kenny, and I went on various excursions in the region. We'll share some highlights from our month together in the following posts. Hilaria, who is also my mother, flies back to her island in Maine tomorrow. Safe travels and come back soon!

As a side note, Kenny and I are now highly qualified to host anyone who wants to visit. Just keep that in mind...


Thursday, February 11, 2010