Sunday, July 29, 2012

the road to Satélite

These colorful towers mark the entrance to the suburb called Satélite. Just over that hill are quiet residential neighborhoods with wide streets and lots of green.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


They did it! Kenny, Emma, and Niki started their very own pop-up restaurant and catering company called Pichón. They serve a gourmet American brunch from the freshest local ingredients. The produce comes from the chinampas, or floating gardens, of Xochimilco in the south of the city.

Every three weeks, they take over a restaurant and serve up a unique menu.

Here's the spread from Pichón #2...

local smoked trout, flatbread, home-made cream cheese, capers, cucumber, tomato, dill, quelites colorados

eggs benedict with a house-made turkey sausage, quelites on corn cakes

french toast with blackberries and a chamomile-piloncillo syrup

Emma's home-brewed kombucha tea